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Actually I don't have an official company.

I've been consulting for several years now and have built a client list of over 300 companies and individuals.

I spend a lot of my time researching technical details and downloading updates and utilities needed by my varied clients. I do all the geeky stuff so you don't have to.

I travel to your place of business or home and help you with your Mac for a hourly fee. I charge new clients $95 per hour for my time. I have a small travel (gas) expense charge of $15 for Nassau and East Suffolk clients and $30 for Queens clients. It takes me an hour to drive to Nassau, so $15 is not much compensation, I believe. I usually give a approximation for how long a given task will take, but I cannot be held to a estimate if problems arise or additional tasks are added later.

Generally, my clients set up an appointment with me in advance. I'm usually busy during the weekday, but sometimes I'll be home to answer your dire questions. If a question arises, you may call for help. My policy on over-the-phone support is this:
Short calls under 15 minutes are free.
Calls longer than 15 minutes are billed starting from the beginning.

I can extend credit to those companies than have a regular billing schedule such as 30 days, as is standard in many organizations.

My address is 66 Tiffany Way, Nesconset, NY 11767-10795
My phone number is 631-630-0048

You can e-mail me at

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